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Business of the Future
business of the future
The sites in this section are trying to change the way we do business from the mind up! Some of my favorite films, books, new kinds of corporations & non-profit organizations that are focused on making our worklife more human.

Culture Heroes
culture heroes
Artists, thinkers, academics...creative people who have changed our artistic & social points of view forever.

media activism
media activism
If you're intelligent & you make media, these sites are essential. If you are a human being who uses media in their everyday life, these sites are highly educational.

one good deed
one good deed
These are some lesser known non-profit organizations making the larger scale change we are all looking for. Worthy of your attention & your help.

explorers on the edges of the mind
explorers on the edges of the mind
Not your popular science; those true pioneers who are willing to take great risks to go where mainstream science & the academies are yet afraid to go. Be the first in your chatroom to learn about "poppin the quiff" & let your inner geek free.

our esteemed friends
our esteemed friends...
are doing all kinds of great work that is truly inspired, skilled & imaginative. Please check out their websites & learn all about 'em.